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LDN compounding for Chronic Pain?

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LDN has been a commonly prepared medication in compounding pharmacies since the 1980s. It has been made by  pharmacies because it is not commercially available. There has been a lot of research showing its benefits. To learn about all of this research click here.

Commonly Asked Questions about Low Dose Naltrexone

  1. What does “Low Dose Naltrexone” or (LDN) mean?    Commercially available naltrexone comes in 50mg tablets. At Webster Pharmacy we make it lower doses from 1mg per dose up to 9mg per dose.
  2. Is low dose naltrexone covered by insurance?  Typically insurance companies only cover the formulary product in this compound which would be naltrexone 50mg tablets if we were to use them.  Since our patients want a way to use the lower dose of the medication we need to encapsulate it. Insurance companies don’t cover this process so we just include this in the cost of the compound.
  3. Will my FSA or HSA account cover it?  Yes
  4. Do I need a prescription for LDN? Yes, a prescription from a licensed prescriber.
  5. What if my prescriber doesn’t understand LDN or is uncomfortable prescribing it?  We are able to educate prescribers on the proper prescribing and titrating of LDN. If you still need a prescriber or more information visit
  6. Other reasons to try low-dose naltrexone shown benefit?

    • autism
    • Lyme disease
    • psoriasis
    • opiate reduction
    • depression in chronic fatigue
    • and many more illnesses
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