As a dad of three kids, I want to do my best to raise my kids properly and make sure they are healthy growing up.  a few weeks back I learned two things that shocked me that directly effect the habits my kids are learning from me.

  • Sugar causes nutrient depletion  (see below)
  • Kids that take medications can have nutrient depletion just like adults. (in our next blog post)

There is plenty of evidence to support these claims, but as a parent this also effects what I feed my kids. If my kids are getting excess sugar (which we try to avoid) then I am causing all of the above to occur within them and they are learning the habit – It’s ok to eat sugary snacks.  As a healthcare professional I believe that if we are not intentionally trying to prevent obesity it is next to impossible to avoid it. This is because we are all busy with our lives and it is so easy to get snacks from the pantry, or stop at a fast food joint, or take our kids to Chik-Filet. The problem with all of this is in the graphic above.  I think the solution to this is our kids will do what they see and sometimes what we say.  So we need show them a good example even when we don’t think they are watching.

My Prescription: A functional shake once a day to replace one kids meal. Whether this is for breakfast, or dinner, or just after a soccer game. I think a functional shake could be a really good thing for the entire family and it is really easy.

Inflammacore is what I would start with  (click on image for more info):

  • 2 cups of Frozen Fruit
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 cup of almond milk or water
  • 2 scoops of Inflammacore powder (your choice of flavor)

If you make it in advance and put it in a cooler you can take it with you. It will help with so many gut and autoimmune issues and more importantly it will prevent one crappy meal or snack per day and there is no cooking involved!

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