Those who have autism spectrum disorder (also known as ASD) will not always show symptoms right away. 

People who suffer from ASD share many common characteristics. They often have ongoing social problems including difficulty with communication. Many engage in repetitive behaviors and have limited interests. ASD can really hurt a person’s ability to function socially at school or work and in all areas of life.

Typically, a child will show symptoms by age 2, and parents will notice these symptoms when their child plays with other children. Older children and adults can also be diagnosed. Another adult besides the parent of the child may notice different behaviors. Some adults have suffered from the disorder since childhood but just do not know if they were never diagnosed.

If you believe you or a loved one has ASD, make sure to see a doctor. Without getting help, you or your child may experience many symptoms. You may feel upset by slight routine changes. You may have trouble talking to others or even use words that are out of place. You may be slow to react when others call your name. You may have facial expressions or make gestures that do not fit what is being said. 

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