Why Functional Pharmacy?

Functional Medicine is defined by the Institute of Functional Medicine as a systems biology-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of dis-ease. Within each symptom or differential diagnosis may be contributing to an individual’s Illness. Well, what if the root of the problem is the prescription drug or a lifestyle? Who knows the pharmacology of how a drug is supposed to work better than a pharmacist. So at Webster Pharmacy, our pharmacists check prescription drugs for common side effects that could be caused by a specific nutrient being depleted out of balance with due to your prescription medication. We call this drug-induced nutrient depletion.

Mitochondria Restore = More Energy

Another reason our pharmacist love Functional Medicine is because a lot of medications are poorly eliminated which lead to energy, and who doesn’t want to feel more energy? When you have been on medications long enough, if your body can’t remove them naturally they build up and can lead to side effects. That is why we provide a Energy Support Program that helps you flush out toxins and encourages a healthy food plan. We call this Mito-Core Restore.

Our Brand Promise

I want to make sure our work means something, that we are not just putting pills in a bottle to prolong life. Rather I want to make sure that we are measuring how we are revitalizing life, enhancing it, and improving it. Not for the sake of making money, but so that we can measure the difference every day in the lives of the people who chose to do business with us. We invite you to try our services today.

About Webster Pharmacy

Dr. Steve Zielinski and his team at Webster Pharmacy combine an integrative personalized approach to getting his patients healthier.