At Webster Pharmacy, we know how important it is to feel confident in your pharmacy. We also believe it is important for you to know who your pharmacist is and your pharmacist knows who you are. Hi I’m Dr. Steve Zielinski and I am a pharmacist, a husband, a dad of 3 kids, 2 pets and I enjoy owning and working in a functionally focused compounding pharmacy

When I’m not working in the pharmacy I like to do CSAUPs (Completely Stupid And Uterly Pointless) work outs with some of my F3 brothers. Like GoRuck events or Burpee Challenges. So whether you have a question about medications or rucking or nutrition Webster Pharmacy might be a good answer for you.

Our History

I purchased Webster Pharmacy from Eugene Arbini when it was still Colonial Village Pharmacy. Up until 2020 we were located a few blocks east of our current location. Today we are located next door to Subway and The Back and Neck Center on Lockwood Blvd across
from Gazebo Park.

Our Brand Promise

I want to make sure our work means something, that we are not just putting pills in a bottle to prolong life. Rather I want to make sure that we are measuring how we are revitalizing life, enhancing it, and improving it. Not for the sake of making money, but so that we can measure the difference every day in the lives of the people who chose to do business with us. We invite you to try our services today.

Our Values

Simplicity – By measuring only what matters we are able to discover ways to eliminate what doesn’t matter in order to improve our business, our systems, our health and our lives.
Integrity – As healthcare providers we need to have the courage to say “I don’t know, but let me find out” and follow up�
Results – It’s our mission to empower our patients to set goals, know where they stand, and demonstrate how with our help they can achieve their health or life goals.
Entrepreneurial Thinking – To think and act with responsibility and act like small business owners