When we think about energy how often do we think about powering down or turning off. So how do you get more sleep even when you can’t Well that is kind of the right idea, but often times it is what we do during the day that cost us the most energy. So here are things to think about while saving energy every day. So here are a few examples of how we can improve our energy we use our batteries.

1. Detoxifying our bodies consumes energy- When we expose our bodies knowingly or unknowingly we still need to clear our bodies of substances that could harm our body if they remain inside long enough. These toxins include mold, metals, and any other chemical exposure that might be present in the home or work environment. Also, some people have a genetic tendency to not break down toxins effectively due to liver cytochrome P450 genetic SNPs, So certain medications may build up and act as toxins within their body. Other toxins may include common household exposures from rugs, cleaners, perfumes, shampoos, lotions, and inorganic food might be enough to jeopardize their energy.

2. Avoid sugary foods, simple carbs, fried foods and excess fats, as well as processed foods and foods with dyes and preservatives. If I do not know a patient’s sensitivities and want to start a general dietary plan, I find the Mediterranean Diet is often the best place to start, and I include green tea, berries, and apples, for these have mitochondria-building phytonutrients.

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